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I just said this:

"Maybe the owl was his spirit animal."

annnnnnnd I was being serious. The things you never think you'll say.

Anyway, at this restaurant, they gave me a kid's menu.

Coastal Kitchen Kid's Menu

The Perfect Flight
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Seattle saw my last Polaroids. I had 30 shots of expired film to describe my experience there.

Skeletor Rides

Would you like to see my insta-picture success and failure? )
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I went to the library, which was the main place I wanted to go while here in Seattle. That place is wonderful! I'm now considering moving here so I can be a library bum. I will sketch all day and read all night. I could have gone there every day and done nothing else on this trip and been perfectly content.

The Natural

Thirteen other pictures of the library, architecture, a cool tattoo. )
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You wanna know what I'm doing in Seattle! Because you do, that's why.

The Roll

Sixteen other impressions of the Emerald City )


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