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Well, a quick film can't fix everything. I undershot this by an embarrassing amount. But I like it as a mediocre shot better than I like it as no shot at all.

Whole Foods Guy Poses, Showing His Sleeve, On Aisle Three
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I don't even know how but I'm behind at life right now so please accept this mobile-phone-picture update. Really at a crossroads with my phonetography. Stay with this camera? (I mean PHONE. Phone.) Get an iPhone? Give up mobile photos altogether? I can't know.

El Rey is just the Y now

Aqua Time

Don't stare and get out of my hair.

I have a great film stockpile going right now. And I got two rolls of 1600 ISO COLOR film (harder than you might think to come by). After I shot that last roll with it, I was basically ready to make it my film of choice all the time every day in whatever situation. Even direct sunlight. Hahah.
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Linds and I have instituted forced creative time. Time when you must be creative or else. It's pretty awful, as you can imagine. Last time we had to drink a juice after a two hour stint in a library study room where we were free to laugh in the face of everyone outside who didn't get a study room.

Library Time

Indoor Nebula
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Let me ask you something. Do you like expired film? I don't. But every so often I have to remind myself of this by shooting a roll of it.



At the flea market, some woman told me I was not permitted to take a picture of her booth. There is nothing that will compel me to take a picture more than some stranger telling me I can't.

Don't Take Picture No Picture
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Look what this film does when it is exposed to certain types of light, ie whatever he's shooting out of his gun.


Oh yeah. I'm not putting this behind a cut. Sorrrrry.

Jae Laughs


The State Question

Fall Tasting
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I'm related to this little Michael Jackson. Cool, right? Merry Christmas to everyone! I didn't send out cards this year, so don't feel bad that I didn't send you one. I didn't take you off my mailing list! Wishing you well.

Mikey Likes It


Dec. 23rd, 2011 04:43 pm
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More from my grandpa's place. I read about dogs being able to detect grayscale, but also blue and yellow. I am all on board with that and have been trying to imagine how he sees things.

Dog Vision

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Around here all the chain stores are throwing away their 35mm film for pittances cos I guess they're gonna quit carrying it all together. So stock up! Here's some of that so-called black and white that you can process C-41 style.

At first I was like, self: don't post multiple pictures of Boo Boo. People might not want to see squillions of pictures of him.
Then I snapped out of it, however.

Princess Boo Profers Paw


Here he is again, just as a regular pauper this time.

Abused Prince
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The wind has sucked. SUCKED. The roof blew off a high school gym here, guys. The wind has sucked. This is what happened to a tree in our backyard. My mind refuses to wrap around a wind so strong it does this.


Don't worry, all the cars survived.

Clasped, Snow



Dec. 7th, 2011 07:16 pm
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For a long time I'd been trying to make these direct-exposure images for a long time. Believe me, my instax has shoved out a lot of erroneous prints: pure black, pure white, white with one little speck, etc. Yes, a lot of packs of film fought the good fight on behalf of my photogram education. I don't claim to have done anything groundbreaking with these, I'm just thrilled I made some intelligible images. Huzzah!

She's Lucky.

legs and teeth

Two Headed Pony

Missing Summer

Red Heaven

Nov. 28th, 2011 12:38 am
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So I had my redscale film processed. Most of the pictures look like they bubbled up from the lavas of hell, but there are a couple that don't. These are the ones I like. Your eyes kind of have to acclimate to them.


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