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Once again, a Sunday finds me at Sandia's pool.

Flowers and Peacocks

I really love the accidental juxtapositions that happen with half-frame photography. Back when I was sixteen, I had big dreams for a half-frame camera my dad gave me. Unfortunately, it refused to take any pictures for me. Now I have the Diana Mini and I'm so impressed with the pictures it takes. Most of the time I forget to adjust the focus on it, but to me, it doesn't even matter if the pics are out of focus. This is the epitome of non-fussy, shoot-from-the-hip, document-life-and-don't-worry-about-it photography.

More photos from the pool )

Also, I went to go see Rihanna the other day. Kesha opened. It's true what they say; Kesha really can't sing and when she's not actually dancing, she's stumbling around doing a great impersonation og being drunk. Kesha, man. Maybe it's just because I saw this video and found it hilarious, but either way I couldn't get it out of my head. Tequila and glitter. Oh man.

And as for Rihanna, holy @)#@($* those outfits!

An amazing number of little girls dressed as Kesha with crimped, dirty hair and fascinating clothing choices dotted the audience. In fact, even the girls not dressed as celebrities had some pretty remarkable clothes on. See this girls' pants:

The Pants Of Little Lost Girls

More things seen at the Rihanna/Kesha concert )
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Here's the display at the Urban Outfitters registers. I even asked before I took this picture! It's funny- Anthropologie belongs to the same family of stores as Urban Outfitters, and yet when I try to take pictures at Anthro, I get kicked out. (But I'm a bad girl so I just take photos anyway)

UO Lights

The Mini
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It's a marvel to me that a tiny toy camera can take these pictures. The Diana Mini shoots 35 mm film and will take either square pictures or half-frame pictures. The bottom comes off when you load the film as if it's a little Leica. It weighs nothing. It's smaller than one of those disposable point and shoots. It was a gift from Elaine. Here are the pictures I took with it right after I received it.

Lightening Strikes Denise Twice



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