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Meghann and Grace and I rocked the house. If my hair had still been red, we would have made the best red-head trilogy ever. Instead what happened is that we drank white wine and fake Irish coffees.

This new invasive species could navigate through space

Lighting's pretty hideous but OH THE HECK WELL.

Redheads taking over the world

In other news, Boo is a pib.
In still other news, it's been snowing and raining here a lot. Or rather, it passes for "a lot" in these parts. I took a video of it snowing downtown and the funniest part is that you can barely see the flakes of snow. Carly stuck her tongue out. We were walking quickly because there was club soda waiting for us.

Left over from NYC Nick's going away- I'm having a hard time editing that video because I took an awful lot. I'm including this part, though, cos I think it shows just how much Lindsay HATES that I have a flip now. She thinks I'm going to use it for evil instead of good, which is probably true. (I love you Linds).

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Yesterday I call Rob Nakai and I'm sniffly from the cold, just having taken Boo for a walk. Rob says, "Oh yeah I was taking these two dogs for a walk earlier, it was all cold."
And I'm all, "Two dogs??"
And he says, "Yeah, my mom took in a stray. I think it's half coyote or something which explains why it's so effin stupid."

HAHAHA. This is hilarious to me for some reason.

Last night, met with Meghann. She's a solidly good person, and is leaving for vacation today.


Also, thank you facebook, I found Gabriel. He is alive. Doing some interesting photography as near as I can tell:


And on Sunday, while Boo and I were outside R.B. Winnings (coffee house mecca to local hippies), I shot this meaningless shot.

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I went to high school with this gal and hadn't seen her since. She's moved back. It was nice to chill. Seven years, it's been. I think I'm going to abuse facebook and try and get photos of all the people from my high school that I can.

Meghann Duo

Why, here's another one now, in fact.

Alex Camp

He's going to school now, apparently. He looks a lot different to me but his voice is just the same. It's odd, the things that change about people over time and the things that stay the same. I didn't realized how identifiable a voice could be, or how much the timbre of a voice remains lodged in one's memory.

The woman above, for example, has a beautiful feathery soprano. And that guy has a sweet sort of mellow lilt, probably in the tenor range. Even after I've forgotten so many names, I can call all their voices to my mind's ear easy as pie.

P.S. did you SEE what I'm listening to? Perversely, I've grown to really like her. Not her songs or anything (this is the only one I know) but just her cute little self. It's gotta be hard to be a lil Disney child with a Achy-Breaky dad. Don't worry, little Hannah Montana, just make it over. You can do it.


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