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Seattle saw my last Polaroids. I had 30 shots of expired film to describe my experience there.

Skeletor Rides

Would you like to see my insta-picture success and failure? )
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I went to the library, which was the main place I wanted to go while here in Seattle. That place is wonderful! I'm now considering moving here so I can be a library bum. I will sketch all day and read all night. I could have gone there every day and done nothing else on this trip and been perfectly content.

The Natural

Thirteen other pictures of the library, architecture, a cool tattoo. )
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I went to the mayoral debate with Linds yesterday, but more importantly, we went to the main library and I saw this girl. I LOVE when I ask to take someone's picture and they don't put on their photo smile. Seriously. It was raining when we walked over. I had on yellow high heels and Lindsay had purple ones. Everyone was wet. This girl had nine facial piercings. I found a copy of Samedi the Deafness by Jesse Ball which I haven't read since my mom lost my copy.
After the debate, we went to Blackbird for the after party. We walked from the F.S. parking lot. My hair turned curly in the humidity. We talked to a guy who was taking pictures for the Alibi whose name I forget but I'll tell you maybe tomorrow cos I'll look it up. All was right with the world and it rained all night.

Why I Go To The Library


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