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My interest for photos and the inception of this livejournal coincided. I thought I would take a few pictures and that every picture I took (or at least most of them) would be posted here.

But instead I have way too many photos.
They sit around.
I do nothing with them.

Life's grand.

I photographed these Polaroids instead of scanning them. The results are a bit less crisp but I could have taken care of that if I wouldn't have been so lazy, and the colors are much more true. Also I cropped out the Polaborder on these. Maybe should have left it? I dunno.

Spoked Moon on Blush Aimes Crown

(I worked hard to think of that pretentious title so I'm including it.
Spoked Moon on Blush Aimes Crown

Click here for more graffiti Polas )
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Here is a summary of some of the dreams I had in the past 24 hours:

1. Andra wrote me an e-mail where she spelled out exactly why she wasn't talking to me and it was going to make perfect sense and I was going to understand... but I couldn't open the e-mail because of my bad internet connection.

2. My mom was holding some sort of sleeping fox-puppy and her name was Kira, I believe, and she was saying that wasn't she cute and I was going to hold her but she was just too heavy to move. My mom was treating Kira like a human baby and I was trying to determine if she was a human baby or a fox puppy. I finally asked my mom. She said human. I said, "Ah, of course. It was the ears that were throwing me off." And sure enough, Kira had little fox ears poking out of her fine black hair.

3. A girl I went to high school with (her name was Marta) came out as gay, and I was confused because she had a boyfriend. Somehow this confession allowed her to go into space, which I didn't think was all that smart because there were killer meteors flying around out there anyway.

I wish I would see more interesting non-representational graffiti out there. At the far right of this picture you can see the work of a guy we have in town. It's the grey outlined in black.

little dude

What this guy does, he paints a couple squares on a building as if there was graffiti underneath and someone did a hasty job of covering it. Then he outlines the squares in some contrasting type color. It's a simple idea really but I kind of love it. Maybe I'll go find some examples of his work to show.

I don't think this was meant to be anything. Just a bad stucco patch job and someone tryna scrub off some pink tags, but I thought it was pretty. The picture is nothing special. Sorry.

Study in Fuscia, Ochre, and White
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From a weekish ago.

Couch and Wall


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