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Cinco de Mayo is also Boo's birthday. This photo is an example of my great skills of accidentally cropping off all limbs. This is his "Now We Are Two" expression. (He's two now.)

Boo the Amputee
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I developed an old roll of film. Earlier the film lounged in my car, day and night, for weeks. It wasn't worth developing because it was wrecked, I thought.

Here's the roll of film while I use this space as my personal therapist.

4th Graf Wall @ Sunset

The rest of the roll )

Photo Dump

Feb. 14th, 2010 03:13 pm
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I ran into an Australian guy called Lucien who excels at being a jerk. I mean it. I don't know how he does it, but he does it so, so well. He insisted his friend (front) be in the picture, and I believe my photographic instructions were, "K that's great guys. Please look as gay as possible, too."

Please look as homosexual as possible

Then I was pleased to see that there were some underwear outside Dane Smith Hall. I was all, "College. Ur doing it wrong."

College- Ur Doin It Wrong

Also, turns out if you were trying to go to the Maxwell museum on Monday to sketch the australopithecus model they have there, you failed, because that museum is closed Monday. Stupid Mondays and their stupid effect on libraries and museums.


I mailed off batch one of Valentine's, and they probably won't be there on time as today is Valentine's Day sometimes. I ran out of stamps, so the rest of you people will receive yours more laterer. Hell, maybe the first batch won't even arrive. I didn't bother to check weights or correct postage or anything of that sort.

X Ray


I could put this behind a cut and I don't. I'm sorry. Lindsay and I went on a walk in her neighborhood and she told me to take this pictures and I did. Mmmmm, dirty sensor. I could clean that before I go to Seattle. Ostensibly.

Fishes in the Sky

Boo likes to use this butterfly pillow to rest his head. Hilarious young man like he is.

Boo and his butterfly pillow
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One time Carissa inspired me with some pictures she took with her phone, so I'm doing the same thing today. Boo and I went on a walk in the leaves. He is fantastic.

Boo's Leaves

There used to be horses here, and then just cows. Then the horses and cows were gone and it was just little goats. Now, there aren't any animals at all. I hate this depression. It affects everything.

No more goats even

Some other leaves.

Boo's Other Leaves
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I've been having either a great hermithood or an equivocal one.

My dad is pissed because I don't check facebook enough. I spent all kinds of time photoshopping some power lines out of a balloon shot he took from the balloon fiesta a couple weeks ago, and then the dogs broke the thumb drive so I became frustrated and quit.

On one hand, hermithood has been a failure; I've been in and out of town. I thought I was going to be exclusively in the mountains and never come down and be freezing and starving and people-free. Instead I shot Rob and Minnie's album cover, drank at Eliot's and got all drunk-emotional, and did other business type activities like check into contracting, zoning, and building permits.

But on the other hand, I've been making resin-paintings, taking lots of pictures, making paper-mache antlers, and learning to do metal clay. I'm working on two paintings and trying to learn how to make my own encaustics with 85% beeswax, 15% varnish, and pigments. I hope that goes well. It's nice to be productive.

The only trouble is that I think my self esteem might be worse actually than it was before. Also, I kicked iaaphoto and crimsonglory42 off my f-list because I realized I am happy for those strangers but at the same time something about their lives make me sad. I don't want to be having dreams about their happy lives. I'd rather have dreams about my own happy life and how I can make it a zillion times better. I feel like I'm invisible and like Carissa and Carly and everyone are exhibiting great improvements in their work by leaps and bounds while I wallow and stay the same.

If I yelled out right now, only the dogs would notice. I don't even think they'd wake up, the lazes.

Here are my best boys:

Least Threatening Bite Ever

Dogs are Nice

I'm only going to be hermitting for another week.


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