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Instead of priming canvases like I should be doing, I am coloring ponies. Whatevs. If you had a groupie, someone that just adored you and did whatever you instructed, what would you have them do? I'd have them make my stretcher bars and prep my canvases.

"Not smooth enough!" I'd yell, "Do another coat of gesso and sand it down immediately!"

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Why work or laugh or cry when I can color ponies all day. In my dreams I had a purple speckled puppy who died. When she died she turned into something else, I don't say what. I miss that puppy.


Life goes on, I guess. Or, you know. Whatever.

I'm trying. Or I'm trying to try. Or I think I'm trying to try.
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Here is my new belt buckle.


I wish I could should good photos straight out of the camera. Maybe I'll start practicing that... but probably not.

So lately I've been thinking it would be really neat to do art stuff with some kids facing challenges like autism. A friend of mine works at a house where kids who are wards of the state live, kids with autism and Tourette's, etc. Wouldn't that be cool? It seems like a big scary awesome challenge.

Sunday Beth has agreed to model for me; I'll be doing her makeup, prolly some completely bananas thing. Not like regular go-outside makeup. But then again, maybe that's what I should be doing, because Beth never wears makeup and I don't know how comfortable she'll be.

My eyes are weirdly big. I put this up on that one self portraits community and in response someone posted a picture of a lemur, with its eyes being all 1/3 of its face. I'm gonna try to go be friends with that person.

Thank You Apple J


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