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2011-07-29 08:43 pm

Doubles from Santa Fe and Other Stuff

I like double exposures because they reflect how I feel a lot of times. Like things are growing on other things and combining in unpredictable and remarkable ways.
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2009-11-08 04:40 pm

Gas Station

Chemistry's Just How You're Wired.


Best Seat In The House

Here's more from that abandoned gas station.
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2009-11-07 04:40 pm

*** **** *******

Found a old abandoned gas station on 4th. You can walk right in- no locks. There's a mattress, a lot of empty booze bottles, some lousy graffiti, and a plastic gallon-bottle full of tea bags brewing.

People spent entire days there, entire months. Maybe entire years. Now the only people to see the inside of it are people who are up to no good.

Pink Off Quality