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I'm 26 years old and I have no idea how to make my pictures justify center instead of left. My entire head would feel much better if I had this information.

Here is Denise, a friend of a friend. She works at the P.O., and I think it's cool that at least one government agency doesn't care if you have facial piercings.

Denise's Candy Skull

In pretendland, where I'm gonna get full tattoo sleeves (that will never really happen), I would not use any black I don't think. I think this color of ink is grossly underused.

Henna Tattoos
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Today's theme is magenta.

Heart And Soul Tattoo


Another day, another sunburn. Two days later it's almost gone so I'm feelin good. I put sunscreen but five hours in the June NM sun does you in no matter who you are.

In other news, Abq. residents, did you ever ask yourself, where are all the people who look good in a swimsuit? I now have the answer. They are all at Sandia on Sundays, paying $30 to get in and having ridiculously defined abdominal muscles. I did not pay $30 to get in. I paid zero and didn't even have a swimsuit. But heat won and I went swimming in my underwear because otherwise I would have melted.

I may have an admirer and my admirer may have given me some a bouquet of five different sorts of flowers. They may have smelled amazing.
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I went to the library, which was the main place I wanted to go while here in Seattle. That place is wonderful! I'm now considering moving here so I can be a library bum. I will sketch all day and read all night. I could have gone there every day and done nothing else on this trip and been perfectly content.

The Natural

Thirteen other pictures of the library, architecture, a cool tattoo. )
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Some day, I'm going to convince my dad that he will never actually rebuild this car and that it must be moved. Three cars in any back yard is both trashy and funny to me. I wish it were more like this today, blue and clear. Instead it's on the verge of snow just grey and nothing. And cold, too cold. I must go for a run but damnation, when it looks so grey, my body doesn't want it and my head doesn't either.

The 50 Ford that Won't Die

In other news, I went to Blackbird's holiday party. Carly rockstarred some candy canes out of thin air, a process that involves a lightbulb like this one.

Unrelated: this guy made a pinhole camera... out of his mouth. I wanna try it. I think that's rad.

How To Force An Idea

Wanna know how to make candy canes? Plus, ramble on social anxiety. )

Annie's prints came in the mail yesterday. Damn but that metallic paper looks so good on high key black and whites. There are plenty of situations where metallic doesn't cut it- this photo shoot wasn't one of them, however.

And speaking of pictures taken against my brick wall, here's one of Nik.

Who Isn't There

It's funny how the raw file isn't nearly so gloomy; I injected all that based on my own mental reflections. And they say photography is objective.

Nik's visiting from Seattle. Some people (read: Jaclyn) may remember him for dating Kendra for two weeks. He went on to get married and now he's going on to get divorced. I've been thinking about him the past few days, wondering about this divorce situation, wondering why people get married and how it only takes one person to fuck it up beyond all repair.

Anyway. We chilled yesterday, it was nice to talk again. He went with me to the camera store while I tried to determine what is wrong with my D80. We drank hot mochas and talked about the olden days when we both worked at Relay and were always getting into hijinks of one sort or another. It was good to get another friend back, and if I can find a cheap ticket I think I might go visit in Seattle- if only to see that NEATO public library they have.
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People who shoot weddings will know what I mean when I say that there are always the quiet pictures that you like but you know are basically meritless to the clients. These are them, for me. I realize probably everyone will be like, "ew wedding forget it don't click"... but you should.


Tattoos, cake porn, and other stuff. Weddingy type stuff. But you know. Oh I don't know. )
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Went to IHOP with my dad. Sat next to the most annoying people ever: four women and a man who complained loudly, "They've been together ten years and he won't propose, and I said to her 'why would he buy the cow when he gets the milk for free?'"

YEP. You know us cows. @_@

But the people sitting on the other side were these other much cooler people:

A woman and herself.

Don't be fooled

Two More )

To Go To

Sep. 20th, 2009 10:26 am
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I went to Carly and Leslie's house, which is as much outside as inside.

Damn Carpetbaggers

Lots of other pictures from my hilarious and fun time and also some text rambling. )
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I went to the mayoral debate with Linds yesterday, but more importantly, we went to the main library and I saw this girl. I LOVE when I ask to take someone's picture and they don't put on their photo smile. Seriously. It was raining when we walked over. I had on yellow high heels and Lindsay had purple ones. Everyone was wet. This girl had nine facial piercings. I found a copy of Samedi the Deafness by Jesse Ball which I haven't read since my mom lost my copy.
After the debate, we went to Blackbird for the after party. We walked from the F.S. parking lot. My hair turned curly in the humidity. We talked to a guy who was taking pictures for the Alibi whose name I forget but I'll tell you maybe tomorrow cos I'll look it up. All was right with the world and it rained all night.

Why I Go To The Library
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Well, I broke my hand in two places and sprained it. Wait, how? How did I do that? By decking Mr. Freeze from Batman.

The real way I broke my hand was way less cool so if you wanna know, better ask me in an aside. Cos I'm not gonna say on the www.

Rob and I saw these guys the other day at our back-to-school shopping and they were all, is that a 35mm? Like, with film? Like, that you have to physically advance with a little lever n aw? Whoaaaa.
It made us feel old. But cool.

They couldn't believe it was a film camera

Hey is that a 35 mm? Like with film?
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Here's David Canning. At the beginning of this roll of film, [xxx content deleted xxx]

Always. Sometimes. Maybe. Never.

Do these symbols mean stuff to anyone? I think they're cool. I also thought that third one was a safety pin for half a second and I was RILLY. EXCITED.

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My little cousin is the cutest dancer ever and he makes the best faces ever also. EVER.

He's doin his little dance

Here is the guy we met at Tinta Cantina when Carly was researching for her tattoo. For some reason I'm still into my figurative tattoo idea but it wouldn't look good on me. BOO. But ah well alas.

Also, in case people care about my real actual life, yesterday Carly and I shot a wedding. It was awesome. Also, it was her birthday. So after the wedding we went to Elliot's and we had a few drinks and we saw her friend who happened to be playing with his band, Super Giant. Best time I've had in a while.


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