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Seattle saw my last Polaroids. I had 30 shots of expired film to describe my experience there.

Skeletor Rides

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I went to the library, which was the main place I wanted to go while here in Seattle. That place is wonderful! I'm now considering moving here so I can be a library bum. I will sketch all day and read all night. I could have gone there every day and done nothing else on this trip and been perfectly content.

The Natural

Thirteen other pictures of the library, architecture, a cool tattoo. )
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Yesterday there was a Dia de los Muertos parade in the South Valley. I took twenty Polaroids and loved every second. It's a huge photo op, of course. You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a camera. Normally that annoys me, but I thought it was a lot of fun despite the constant shutter fire.

In the end, most of the pictures I snapped were of the spectators rather than the actual parade peeps. So many people were dressed to the nines and painted up like whoa. It got me thinking that there's a million ways to paint a dead face. Not one was the same. Some people only did half their face, some still had lips, some had little flowers, also. And some people were skeleton hipsters, skeleton peasants, skeletons with wigs, skeletons with jeans, baby skeletons, dog skeletons, fat skeletons, and everything in between.

I loved these two women, loved how the one on the right was pregnant especially.

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