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I developed an old roll of film. Earlier the film lounged in my car, day and night, for weeks. It wasn't worth developing because it was wrecked, I thought.

Here's the roll of film while I use this space as my personal therapist.

4th Graf Wall @ Sunset

The rest of the roll )
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Yesterday I call Rob Nakai and I'm sniffly from the cold, just having taken Boo for a walk. Rob says, "Oh yeah I was taking these two dogs for a walk earlier, it was all cold."
And I'm all, "Two dogs??"
And he says, "Yeah, my mom took in a stray. I think it's half coyote or something which explains why it's so effin stupid."

HAHAHA. This is hilarious to me for some reason.

Last night, met with Meghann. She's a solidly good person, and is leaving for vacation today.


Also, thank you facebook, I found Gabriel. He is alive. Doing some interesting photography as near as I can tell:


And on Sunday, while Boo and I were outside R.B. Winnings (coffee house mecca to local hippies), I shot this meaningless shot.

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Potentially the most exciting thing in my world is, I have $11.54 in iTunes credit. What songs should I get??? Please help me as I'm musically challenged.

Carly and I went to Satellite the other day and we talked about businessy stuff and it was cool there. Some guy sitting in the chair next to us was giving us advice on our price list, just out of the blue.

Where the Cool Kids Sit

A squintilllllion more )


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