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Here's Rob Nakai, BFF to the stars.

Love you, Rob.

Van's Poetry
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Yesterday was a mell of a hess, as pops would say. It all has more impact in list form so here we go.
1. Phone dies before dad gets very complete direction on how to pick me up.
2. I wander over a circuit of a few miles hoping to see his truck.
3. My armpits are sunburnt, alone with every other part of me.
4. UNM sucks.

So imagine, if you will, a 26-year-old meandering the dark suburban streets of Eagle Rock. She's so red that it looks like she's recently had her skin removed. She's hoping she doesn't look like some sort of hooker because she's wearing a purple mini skirt. Oh lordy. Her phone and her car are as lights-out as Alaska in the winter time.

Well, what can a person do. I made it home. And today I'm scissoring out the armpits of all my shirts so that those seams don't pulverize my already-fluorescent sunburns. How ridiculous. Thank you, Jesus for stupid days.

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for. Rob Nakai.

Highway Robery
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A day of house painting, today. Then servicing the community by being Boo's pillow. Recently, Rob and I finally chilled.

Robot Nakai

We stopped by the gas station which we are watching dissintigrate little by little. Amidst the shattered glass and foul excrement, we found some dead roses.


Then we went back to the Tewa Moulding Co. It was Rob's first time there, I was honored to take him. It's growing on me a bit. Every time I go there, I like it a little more. This time, though, I have to say it was creepy as heck. I'm glad Rob and I were using the buddy system. The wind was making all those steel bay-doors creak against each other as if there were someone there with us. Behind every pitch corner, someone waited.

Golden Hour Begets Purple

Back at the Tewa Moulding Co, there's broken glass all over the floor but the place hasn't been trashed in the same way that gas station has. Homeless people could still stay there. When I become homeless, I'll probably stay there. And I will keep a sharpened stick so all the things that kill cats out there will stay away from Boo and me.

KK Swirls

Solo tags it up. I wonder what to make of the spray paintery in abandoned places. Is it always just practice? Who is it meant to be seen by? Other practitioners? The bigger pieces make sense, but the smaller written things, I particularly do not understand. But I don't think it's bad.

Solo in White

Holy Grany Album Resides Beside Conveyor Belta

The Box- I watched it, I am watching it. How odd it is. It's not what I was expecting at all, I mean that as a compliment. I just hope it's not gonna go all the way over the good-movie line into they-messed-this-up territory.

Each piece of media reflects the particular woes and paranoias of our group consciousness. "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", the original, can be interpreted as fear of Communism among one's neighbors. The remake reflects fear of the establishment (the government agents have been body snatched, after all), and the third remake reflects something else still. Lately I've been wondering- what do the movies of today reflect about us?

Fear that our souls are eroding?
That we're on the brink of utter collapse?
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Potentially the most exciting thing in my world is, I have $11.54 in iTunes credit. What songs should I get??? Please help me as I'm musically challenged.

Carly and I went to Satellite the other day and we talked about businessy stuff and it was cool there. Some guy sitting in the chair next to us was giving us advice on our price list, just out of the blue.

Where the Cool Kids Sit

A squintilllllion more )
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Well, I broke my hand in two places and sprained it. Wait, how? How did I do that? By decking Mr. Freeze from Batman.

The real way I broke my hand was way less cool so if you wanna know, better ask me in an aside. Cos I'm not gonna say on the www.

Rob and I saw these guys the other day at our back-to-school shopping and they were all, is that a 35mm? Like, with film? Like, that you have to physically advance with a little lever n aw? Whoaaaa.
It made us feel old. But cool.

They couldn't believe it was a film camera

Hey is that a 35 mm? Like with film?
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Hey, you all know Rob Nakai, right? My good buddy of life?

Power Twin

From Two to Infinity!

He had to go back-to-school shopping so we went to the mall.
Yeah, the mall :/ At least I admitted it.


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