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The wind has sucked. SUCKED. The roof blew off a high school gym here, guys. The wind has sucked. This is what happened to a tree in our backyard. My mind refuses to wrap around a wind so strong it does this.


Don't worry, all the cars survived.

Clasped, Snow

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Seattle saw my last Polaroids. I had 30 shots of expired film to describe my experience there.

Skeletor Rides

Would you like to see my insta-picture success and failure? )
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I leave it to you, my lj friends. What do I do with this ridiculous hair? Maybe:
A) Go super blonde (some might say *cough* trashy blonde)
B) Go dark brown, because I'm tired of this color.
C) Do some other crazy thing. Blue. Yum.


Elusive Cat Eye Lens Flare

Soooo many other Polaroids, including ones from Old Town, and a million, and a million more. )
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Hi honeys.

Here are some of my Polaroids from lately.

This one's from a long time ago, at the gas station. It reminds me of David, probably just because he used to work at a gas station. David, if you still read this thing, I hope you're doing good and I miss you, buddy!


More Polaroids from high school gals to Santa Fe )
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I went to high school with this gal and hadn't seen her since. She's moved back. It was nice to chill. Seven years, it's been. I think I'm going to abuse facebook and try and get photos of all the people from my high school that I can.

Meghann Duo

Why, here's another one now, in fact.

Alex Camp

He's going to school now, apparently. He looks a lot different to me but his voice is just the same. It's odd, the things that change about people over time and the things that stay the same. I didn't realized how identifiable a voice could be, or how much the timbre of a voice remains lodged in one's memory.

The woman above, for example, has a beautiful feathery soprano. And that guy has a sweet sort of mellow lilt, probably in the tenor range. Even after I've forgotten so many names, I can call all their voices to my mind's ear easy as pie.

P.S. did you SEE what I'm listening to? Perversely, I've grown to really like her. Not her songs or anything (this is the only one I know) but just her cute little self. It's gotta be hard to be a lil Disney child with a Achy-Breaky dad. Don't worry, little Hannah Montana, just make it over. You can do it.
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My interest for photos and the inception of this livejournal coincided. I thought I would take a few pictures and that every picture I took (or at least most of them) would be posted here.

But instead I have way too many photos.
They sit around.
I do nothing with them.

Life's grand.

I photographed these Polaroids instead of scanning them. The results are a bit less crisp but I could have taken care of that if I wouldn't have been so lazy, and the colors are much more true. Also I cropped out the Polaborder on these. Maybe should have left it? I dunno.

Spoked Moon on Blush Aimes Crown

(I worked hard to think of that pretentious title so I'm including it.
Spoked Moon on Blush Aimes Crown

Click here for more graffiti Polas )
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C'mon- there's supposed to be like almost 900,000 people in the greater metro area. Right? So how do I see someone I know like every time I step out the door?

But no here's a question


I have 92 Polaroid shots left. Should I:
(a) hoard 'em so I'll still be able to take a Polaroid in 2099? or
(b) use 'em now as the situation calls for and deconstruct my camera so I can take TTVs as the next best thing once they're gone?

Please. This questions is reaching great philosophical proportions. Halp.

Bar Friends

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Yesterday there was a Dia de los Muertos parade in the South Valley. I took twenty Polaroids and loved every second. It's a huge photo op, of course. You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a camera. Normally that annoys me, but I thought it was a lot of fun despite the constant shutter fire.

In the end, most of the pictures I snapped were of the spectators rather than the actual parade peeps. So many people were dressed to the nines and painted up like whoa. It got me thinking that there's a million ways to paint a dead face. Not one was the same. Some people only did half their face, some still had lips, some had little flowers, also. And some people were skeleton hipsters, skeleton peasants, skeletons with wigs, skeletons with jeans, baby skeletons, dog skeletons, fat skeletons, and everything in between.

I loved these two women, loved how the one on the right was pregnant especially.

Moar Polas )

El Cucuy

Oct. 27th, 2009 09:33 am
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Man, I went to the burning of El Kookooee on Sunday and it was a total blast. I took some Polaroids and they're not great but here you go anyway.

This guy is my future ex-boyfriend, he just doesn't know it yet. Also, I don't know his name or anything so.... maybe I'm dreamin hehe.

Straight Out Of 1959

Click here for more Polas )

My Knee

Sep. 19th, 2009 12:05 pm
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Dude! Look at my fantastically badass looking knee!

So the guy that I met from the Alibi is Eric Williams, and he's got a website which I would link you to 'cept I forgot the html for that so here's the address- www.ericwphoto.com He did the cover of the latest Alibi, the one about the fair and stuff.

In other news, I'm sick of having dead-cat colored hair. Carly's mom will fix it for me soon. Maybe.

I could give a...


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