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Meghann and Grace and I rocked the house. If my hair had still been red, we would have made the best red-head trilogy ever. Instead what happened is that we drank white wine and fake Irish coffees.

This new invasive species could navigate through space

Lighting's pretty hideous but OH THE HECK WELL.

Redheads taking over the world

In other news, Boo is a pib.
In still other news, it's been snowing and raining here a lot. Or rather, it passes for "a lot" in these parts. I took a video of it snowing downtown and the funniest part is that you can barely see the flakes of snow. Carly stuck her tongue out. We were walking quickly because there was club soda waiting for us.

Left over from NYC Nick's going away- I'm having a hard time editing that video because I took an awful lot. I'm including this part, though, cos I think it shows just how much Lindsay HATES that I have a flip now. She thinks I'm going to use it for evil instead of good, which is probably true. (I love you Linds).

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I went from 360 to 0 just now because I am an idiot.

[EDIT: I brought up payment with her and she was willing to pay after all. I guess I misread the situation and I feel so much better about everything now. Feel free not to read the whining.]

The short version is, I'm a bit tired of friends of friends assuming I will work for free. Maybe I will, but maybe I won't. I just booked a shoot, yet another boudoir enterprise (is it something in the air??) for a woman whose wedding I did.

My normal rate for this type of shoot covers my rent.

Sidebar- it's the fourth and I still have no idea how I'm going to pay my rent this month.

I realized towards the end of the conversation with this woman she was thinking I'd do it for free- she didn't even ask or anything because it was a foregone conclusion to her, I guess. I did her wedding for free (long story) and I don't think she understood that that is sort of a big deal in wedding photo land... it's kind of like I gave her a gift worth over a grand.

He was of death, one letter away from of love

23 lizard brains all gathered in my place

I will do her boudoir shoot cos I have nothing else on the books, but something in me really wants to make sure she knows I usually charge for this- that I'm not in the habit of shooting for free.

Her mom and my mom are best friends, so maybe she will even read this. That is okay with me. I'm not trying to be bitter or anything, but I do feel a little.... sad?

I am sure all you other photographers think I'm a complete pushover.
Which I am.

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I don't want to be a bar fly, but lo and behold, all my pictures are from bars. This must end. I have too much heart to carry on this way.


In direct opposition to these photos, I do have a life, a brain, and a heart. Right now I'm researching ways to go to Haiti. So far I've found a couple church groups going, but I don't belong to a church so that might be a stretch.

The other photos that make me know I must go out and do something. )
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What can I say? Usually my pictures, no matter what they're of, just don't look right to me unless I do some cross processing. I think I'm going to make a ring flash today from old cardboard and aluminum foil. Joy! It's getting cold here, which I'm against.

Smallest dreams are the better ones

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Here's another picture of Carly- unusable as far as showing what I did with her makeup but otherwise I liked it. There was either a tow truck or a cop (I forget) right across the street, which is where the lighting came from.

The Orphanage

Carly took this. These parrots came from an old t-shirt of my dad's which finally died. Now they're on the back of a sweatshirt and Ima keep em forever. Today I think I wanna sew some things. And go take pictures at tattoo shops, which would be awesome.

My Awesome Jacket (not just for morning)

Click here if you'd like to see what I was for Halloween )
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I decided to get into doing people's makeup so I'm trying to make a portfolio. I don't claim to be all great or anything, but what the hell, right? Last night Carly let me practice on her. Afterwards I tried to take photos but night had fallen and flash is- uh- not my strong suite. But anyway, here is how that turned out.


This isn't a real shot, I was just wondering why my flash wasn't totally synching. She, meanwhile, was telling me about a creepy Spanish movie called The Orphanage. Right here she was explaining the kid with the bag over his head. I get frightened so easily!

"And she had like five kids to take care of"

I'm pretty sure I have the prettiest friends of all time. Carly is not only thin and blonde but she takes better pictures than me. We were just playing last night but yet she got these shots that were off the wall badass. Sometimes I get jealous and feel unworthy around my friends because of how I can't compare to them in any way but hey, oh well. I'm just me and there's nothing I can do about it. May as well make the best of it, right? And be happy I get to know these cool gente.


Oct. 20th, 2009 12:11 am
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Yes, things are going fine. This guy works at the place where I drink a lot of the time.


Fred Smiles
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Yeah, it's that time again- time for me to showcase my 2009 family reunion camping trip.

Night at Lemon

Clicky clicky.... reunify! )


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