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Watching a friendship die is like putting a dog to sleep. It's awful. I feel guilty and free and angry all at once.

Friendships all over the place need life support, it seems like.

Anyway, Elaine got me an Instax camera (does she know me or what!?) and I used it to take a bunch of candids of my show opening. Here are some of my favorite ones. They're only the size of business cards- so awesome!

I cannot put these under a cut. Sorry world.

Show Starters

Holiday Sail

Pablo Loco

Purple and Blue Linds And Jex


Twice Inna Lifetime

Strangers and friends

Yep, that's my finger

Too bad it isn't raining today.
Too bad I don't have a straight job so life can keep rolling better.

But thank goodness for Boo! He's really dying to eat some chickens.
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There's a new server at Blackbird, and here she is:

Marble IPA

Watermelon Sugar

Lindsay and I went to the bird to drink beer and eat poetry. It was fine. I was not her favorite person that night. Rob also made an appearance but I haven't done those pictures yet.

Lindsay's Favorite Person

Now I'm on my way to Santa Fe because Elaine is taking me to a sugar cookie party up there. See you around, Albuquerque.
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Meghann and Grace and I rocked the house. If my hair had still been red, we would have made the best red-head trilogy ever. Instead what happened is that we drank white wine and fake Irish coffees.

This new invasive species could navigate through space

Lighting's pretty hideous but OH THE HECK WELL.

Redheads taking over the world

In other news, Boo is a pib.
In still other news, it's been snowing and raining here a lot. Or rather, it passes for "a lot" in these parts. I took a video of it snowing downtown and the funniest part is that you can barely see the flakes of snow. Carly stuck her tongue out. We were walking quickly because there was club soda waiting for us.

Left over from NYC Nick's going away- I'm having a hard time editing that video because I took an awful lot. I'm including this part, though, cos I think it shows just how much Lindsay HATES that I have a flip now. She thinks I'm going to use it for evil instead of good, which is probably true. (I love you Linds).

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I reclaimed Indian food with a vengeance. After not having had it for about a year, I said, cuss this nonsense! (Thanks Fantastic Mr. Fox for teaching me that one). Lindsay and I went. Malai Kofta. A million things.

Hither comes Valentine's day, for which I am sufficiently excited. The brief interlude (read: last two years or so) when I hated Valentine's day are thankfully over. So I decided, since I'm mailing stuff to people anyway, I'll also mail... Valentine's!

I wish everyone (or anyone) would read The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway. Jaci recommended it to me and now I can't even call her and talk about it with her because damnit she's in Japan. And it's definitely one of those books you wanna talk about. Tomorrow when the library opens I'm gonna go get The Way Through Doors by Jesse Ball, at least I think that's what it's called but I don't remember because it's a very blah title.

My flickr pro account expires on the 14th of this month. I guess I have to cowgirl up and renew it, because I have 1,310 photos on there and unless I have a pro account, I can only access like I think 100 or 200 of them. Maybe I'll also finally get a paid livejournal account. :) It's about time for that, I think.

High ISO; care not I. These pictures are almost the same but fwuah!

Every moment we were almost sniped

They noticed there were five moons
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It now seems fairly official that I've been having the flu. Which is lame. By official, I mean to say it's not official in the least.


Lindsay, Nick, a very cool hat, Venga, and not being able to get out of the car. )

Other Goings On

1. Sorry I have not mailed out anything. To anyone. Ever. Soon I will be feeling 1000% and I will.
2. I totally caved in to hilarious marketing and bought a Flip. Now I will hit you all over the head with videos of Boo as he runs around/snores/chews my running shoes.
3. Seattle is in three weeks.
4. My roof is leaking (it is snowing)
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I went to Lindsay's for the New Year, and so did Boo. Lindsay is a really good cook. I ate THREE WHOLE MEALS IN A ROW while at her house- lunch, dinner, then breakfast.

My parents call Lindsay "Linseed" sometimes. Other times she's "Leaping Lindsay". My New Year's was the best one ever, even if it was a struggle for some of us *cough* to stay up until midnight.

Linseed Oil

Nik's gone back to Seattle. I realized that a lot of people live in the greater Seattle area these days- a photography couple I used to know, the female half of which is a heart surgeon, John B., Nicole from days of eald, and Nik (obviously). It was great to have him visit, we get along so well. He's thinking of taking up photography.


The more I look at pictures of places like the main library in Seattle, which has an entire room devoted to the color red just like a Matisse painting, the more I feel like I've got to visit. Maybe it goes back to some conversations Rob and I have been having about needing a locality infusion. We've both been here for years and years. I love my city, don't get it twisted, but there's only so many times you can take a picture of cow sculls glued onto hot rods before you'd like to see something new for a minute. There's only so many times you can run down the same ditch bank you've run along for years before you'd like to try running by some different trees, different dogs, different power lines, different noises, different bugs.

My mother insisted on making some beer margaritas last night. We went out for maybe three hours just to amass all the alcoholic ingredients necessary for her recipe. And finally, she walked out of a liquor store, all, "Did you know Triple-Sec has alcohol in it?" Haha. I took this one at the gas station where she got the tequila. A little heavy handed with the split toning, I spose; so it goes.

Ocean Slab

By the time we started home again it had been dark for a long time.

Multiple Personalities Revealed

Today I supposedly have a fashion shoot- I'm gonna guerilla up to the roof of my studio. The model's supposed to call me any minute, and when we get on the roof I'll be able to get the Kimo theater behind her, is the idea. I'm super excited about it. I got up at 6:52 a.m., that's about two and half hours earlier than usual, and so far this has been a smile-worthy day for sure.
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Potentially the most exciting thing in my world is, I have $11.54 in iTunes credit. What songs should I get??? Please help me as I'm musically challenged.

Carly and I went to Satellite the other day and we talked about businessy stuff and it was cool there. Some guy sitting in the chair next to us was giving us advice on our price list, just out of the blue.

Where the Cool Kids Sit

A squintilllllion more )

Gin Night

Aug. 16th, 2009 03:02 pm
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Anna on Gin Night

Black Bird Bottles

Lindsay's talk with a lime


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