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Potentially the most exciting thing in my world is, I have $11.54 in iTunes credit. What songs should I get??? Please help me as I'm musically challenged.

Carly and I went to Satellite the other day and we talked about businessy stuff and it was cool there. Some guy sitting in the chair next to us was giving us advice on our price list, just out of the blue.

Where the Cool Kids Sit

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Out at night, swimming in the air. Liza smokes a cigarette and other stuff happens and I no longer have to ask her permission to take her picture, I have an all-the-time pass to do so.
These are darker than I usually do, but whatever. You felt like knowing what it's like, right? This is what it's like to have three gin and club sodas, to sit with people you know and do things you always do and be happy about it.

No Trying, Flattering, or Focusing Can Be Permitted

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Sep. 27th, 2009 09:05 pm
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Land locked and blacking out the aqua, night hawks flock to bar drinks, candidly flicker through the bottoms of glass liquor jars.

Here is Fred who has two puppies I hope to meet someday, Panzon and Sister.

I Win at the Stranger Game

No One Could Say


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