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Today's theme is magenta.

Heart And Soul Tattoo


Another day, another sunburn. Two days later it's almost gone so I'm feelin good. I put sunscreen but five hours in the June NM sun does you in no matter who you are.

In other news, Abq. residents, did you ever ask yourself, where are all the people who look good in a swimsuit? I now have the answer. They are all at Sandia on Sundays, paying $30 to get in and having ridiculously defined abdominal muscles. I did not pay $30 to get in. I paid zero and didn't even have a swimsuit. But heat won and I went swimming in my underwear because otherwise I would have melted.

I may have an admirer and my admirer may have given me some a bouquet of five different sorts of flowers. They may have smelled amazing.
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Let me tell you 'bout my friend Ben.

He bartends at a bit of a dive, is an Albuquerque superstar for reasons I won't go into here, and is an irreverent mothercusser. Due to the fact that the paparazzi love him, he hates hates hates having his picture taken. But I don't respect this and take his photo anyway, obviously. He drinks, smokes, and sleeps around. There is a signed poster of Belladonna on his bedroom wall. If you are like me and have never seen an adult film in your life, I'll fill you in- she's a porn star. He plays D&D on Wednesdays and loves Conan the Barbarian. He's my favorite Kennedy and recently lent me three back issues of the magazine "Modern Drunkard".

Hates Photographers

I went with him to buy dog food for his dog and we ran into this guy, who he's chilled with apparently. Remember this guy? I saw him maybe a year ago and asked to take his picture. And so of course, bird on his shoulder, I had to take his picture again. His name's Bruce.

Bruce Apparently

I am straight up loving my life right now. I have a pen pal who lives less than 20 miles away, a dog I spend all day with, people who wanna tell me I'm beautiful all the time, and paintings to paint. It is hard to get out of bed in the morning still but once I do, everything gets slick.

Also, my parents have now spent 30 years married to one another. Here are some flowers Dad got for Mom to commemorate that whole event.

30 years
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Kitties and flowers and paint rollers

Rainbow Appreciation Day at Sephora

Driving by the mall, I happened to see a carnival ride in full swing.


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