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The wind has sucked. SUCKED. The roof blew off a high school gym here, guys. The wind has sucked. This is what happened to a tree in our backyard. My mind refuses to wrap around a wind so strong it does this.


Don't worry, all the cars survived.

Clasped, Snow


Red Heaven

Nov. 28th, 2011 12:38 am
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So I had my redscale film processed. Most of the pictures look like they bubbled up from the lavas of hell, but there are a couple that don't. These are the ones I like. Your eyes kind of have to acclimate to them.

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I like double exposures because they reflect how I feel a lot of times. Like things are growing on other things and combining in unpredictable and remarkable ways.
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More from abandoned spaces in Southern NM. The last for a while. I swear it.

Linear Destructive

Tree Portal
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The Sky Finally Explodes

The day after my grandmother died, I had this roll of film developed. Isn't it odd how one important event goes next to another unimportant event and completely colors it. The film was absolutely expired. I translated most of the images to black and white in order to preserve something of them. I shot all these before I knew she died and yet each one describes my grief, somehow.

The other ones )

I'm disappointed that so few of the film pictures turned out. I've been taking very few digital pictures, but here they are. The double exposure feature on my camera kind of sucks. It will only take one multiple exposure picture before the setting resets and I have to go back through the menu and change it back. And I have to take the exposures one right after another, no lag time, or it resets. But I did get a few I liked.

Fly Away Wall

My digital tribute to apartment living )
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Once again, a Sunday finds me at Sandia's pool.

Flowers and Peacocks

I really love the accidental juxtapositions that happen with half-frame photography. Back when I was sixteen, I had big dreams for a half-frame camera my dad gave me. Unfortunately, it refused to take any pictures for me. Now I have the Diana Mini and I'm so impressed with the pictures it takes. Most of the time I forget to adjust the focus on it, but to me, it doesn't even matter if the pics are out of focus. This is the epitome of non-fussy, shoot-from-the-hip, document-life-and-don't-worry-about-it photography.

More photos from the pool )

Also, I went to go see Rihanna the other day. Kesha opened. It's true what they say; Kesha really can't sing and when she's not actually dancing, she's stumbling around doing a great impersonation og being drunk. Kesha, man. Maybe it's just because I saw this video and found it hilarious, but either way I couldn't get it out of my head. Tequila and glitter. Oh man.

And as for Rihanna, holy @)#@($* those outfits!

An amazing number of little girls dressed as Kesha with crimped, dirty hair and fascinating clothing choices dotted the audience. In fact, even the girls not dressed as celebrities had some pretty remarkable clothes on. See this girls' pants:

The Pants Of Little Lost Girls

More things seen at the Rihanna/Kesha concert )
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It's a marvel to me that a tiny toy camera can take these pictures. The Diana Mini shoots 35 mm film and will take either square pictures or half-frame pictures. The bottom comes off when you load the film as if it's a little Leica. It weighs nothing. It's smaller than one of those disposable point and shoots. It was a gift from Elaine. Here are the pictures I took with it right after I received it.

Lightening Strikes Denise Twice

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I developed an old roll of film. Earlier the film lounged in my car, day and night, for weeks. It wasn't worth developing because it was wrecked, I thought.

Here's the roll of film while I use this space as my personal therapist.

4th Graf Wall @ Sunset

The rest of the roll )
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Seattle saw my last Polaroids. I had 30 shots of expired film to describe my experience there.

Skeletor Rides

Would you like to see my insta-picture success and failure? )

Gas Station

Nov. 8th, 2009 04:40 pm
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Chemistry's Just How You're Wired.


Best Seat In The House

Here's more from that abandoned gas station.
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Found a old abandoned gas station on 4th. You can walk right in- no locks. There's a mattress, a lot of empty booze bottles, some lousy graffiti, and a plastic gallon-bottle full of tea bags brewing.

People spent entire days there, entire months. Maybe entire years. Now the only people to see the inside of it are people who are up to no good.

Pink Off Quality
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I have a (n important-to-me) meeting in a couple of hours and I'm in like six pieces over it. OMG NERVES! But no. This is gonna be okay.

Here's a question; what do you need to be YOU, in your opinion? Don't overthink it. You might find the answer interesting. I answered that question for myself and realized something. Sometimes I'm like, "Fak, I'm 25 and my life is not together and I suck, etc." but really, I'm not 25. I'm roughly 6 to 8 months old. Before that, I did not have the tools I needed to be me. And in a few months, I think I've come a long way. I quit a stupid job and determined what I'm supposed to be doing with my life. I got Boo. And I said, finally, seriously, for-real, goodbye to a partner who was fundamentally bad for me. I've made some of the hard decisions in my brief time and this makes me feel nice.
A Hell of A Pair of Socks

nottle tree
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Here is a summary of some of the dreams I had in the past 24 hours:

1. Andra wrote me an e-mail where she spelled out exactly why she wasn't talking to me and it was going to make perfect sense and I was going to understand... but I couldn't open the e-mail because of my bad internet connection.

2. My mom was holding some sort of sleeping fox-puppy and her name was Kira, I believe, and she was saying that wasn't she cute and I was going to hold her but she was just too heavy to move. My mom was treating Kira like a human baby and I was trying to determine if she was a human baby or a fox puppy. I finally asked my mom. She said human. I said, "Ah, of course. It was the ears that were throwing me off." And sure enough, Kira had little fox ears poking out of her fine black hair.

3. A girl I went to high school with (her name was Marta) came out as gay, and I was confused because she had a boyfriend. Somehow this confession allowed her to go into space, which I didn't think was all that smart because there were killer meteors flying around out there anyway.

I wish I would see more interesting non-representational graffiti out there. At the far right of this picture you can see the work of a guy we have in town. It's the grey outlined in black.

little dude

What this guy does, he paints a couple squares on a building as if there was graffiti underneath and someone did a hasty job of covering it. Then he outlines the squares in some contrasting type color. It's a simple idea really but I kind of love it. Maybe I'll go find some examples of his work to show.

I don't think this was meant to be anything. Just a bad stucco patch job and someone tryna scrub off some pink tags, but I thought it was pretty. The picture is nothing special. Sorry.

Study in Fuscia, Ochre, and White
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I publicly state for the record:
I'd bring you cake but I don't know where your office is cos when I tried to visit, you vetoed.
Ten things have happened in my life but you don't know any of them because I can't find you.
And for sure I've missed at least ten things in your life, too.
If I showed up unannounced and uninvited to your house, I think you'd hate it.
What else can I do but send you a text or two a day to say I miss you?

Probably you don't even read this but damnit, Andra Elizabeth, I miss you. A LOT. I'm trying not to take the silence personally. Sometimes it is hard.

If it's at all popsicle!
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Well, I broke my hand in two places and sprained it. Wait, how? How did I do that? By decking Mr. Freeze from Batman.

The real way I broke my hand was way less cool so if you wanna know, better ask me in an aside. Cos I'm not gonna say on the www.

Rob and I saw these guys the other day at our back-to-school shopping and they were all, is that a 35mm? Like, with film? Like, that you have to physically advance with a little lever n aw? Whoaaaa.
It made us feel old. But cool.

They couldn't believe it was a film camera

Hey is that a 35 mm? Like with film?
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Hey, you all know Rob Nakai, right? My good buddy of life?

Power Twin

From Two to Infinity!

He had to go back-to-school shopping so we went to the mall.
Yeah, the mall :/ At least I admitted it.
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Here's David Canning. At the beginning of this roll of film, [xxx content deleted xxx]

Always. Sometimes. Maybe. Never.

Do these symbols mean stuff to anyone? I think they're cool. I also thought that third one was a safety pin for half a second and I was RILLY. EXCITED.



Aug. 22nd, 2009 10:03 am
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Downtown pictures, hot day, midday, bad lighting, whatever. Here is an interesting plant I found downtown. Don't know what kind.

Christmas Baby

Carly painted this on the back door of 516 Arts. Check it out. If you block the back door, a T-Rex will eat you.

Block Door at Peril of T-REX

I am watching a show which must not be named and someone just died. LINDSAY! How could you let me watch a show where someone dies like this???? Here is a motorcycle, which has been brought to you by the number 12.



Aug. 8th, 2009 06:28 pm
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This girl, I feel like she looks.
To all your girls in the world with cat-eyes, keep doing what you do. A person appreciates it here and there.

Sparkle Appreciation Day


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