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Continuing on into the land of people going to huge concerts, there's this guy.

Odd Night

Jul. 13th, 2010 11:51 am
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This dog was sitting nicely outside Urban Outfitters with two kids. His name is Doctor Watson. I've been experimenting lately with long exposures + flash, which is what this is. Look at that pink and black nose! Tell me it's not adorable. I guess he's only 7 mos old which bowled me over cos he is SO well behaved!

Doctor Watson

I've seen the literature which proposes that people parent girls differently from boys. I wonder if people treat their dogs differently based on sex? Makes my brain hurt thinking about it.

Speaking of sex (and gender), later after meeting Doctor Watson, I met a cross dresser in the bathroom. She's all, "You don't mind that I'm in here, do you?"
I said, "Hell no. Let me take your picture."
And then I did.

And that's the Diana Mini around my neck. Isn't it little and adorable??

I met a crossdresser in the bathroom

What a good night.
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It's a marvel to me that a tiny toy camera can take these pictures. The Diana Mini shoots 35 mm film and will take either square pictures or half-frame pictures. The bottom comes off when you load the film as if it's a little Leica. It weighs nothing. It's smaller than one of those disposable point and shoots. It was a gift from Elaine. Here are the pictures I took with it right after I received it.

Lightening Strikes Denise Twice

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Watching a friendship die is like putting a dog to sleep. It's awful. I feel guilty and free and angry all at once.

Friendships all over the place need life support, it seems like.

Anyway, Elaine got me an Instax camera (does she know me or what!?) and I used it to take a bunch of candids of my show opening. Here are some of my favorite ones. They're only the size of business cards- so awesome!

I cannot put these under a cut. Sorry world.

Show Starters

Holiday Sail

Pablo Loco

Purple and Blue Linds And Jex


Twice Inna Lifetime

Strangers and friends

Yep, that's my finger

Too bad it isn't raining today.
Too bad I don't have a straight job so life can keep rolling better.

But thank goodness for Boo! He's really dying to eat some chickens.


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