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Meghann and Grace and I rocked the house. If my hair had still been red, we would have made the best red-head trilogy ever. Instead what happened is that we drank white wine and fake Irish coffees.

This new invasive species could navigate through space

Lighting's pretty hideous but OH THE HECK WELL.

Redheads taking over the world

In other news, Boo is a pib.
In still other news, it's been snowing and raining here a lot. Or rather, it passes for "a lot" in these parts. I took a video of it snowing downtown and the funniest part is that you can barely see the flakes of snow. Carly stuck her tongue out. We were walking quickly because there was club soda waiting for us.

Left over from NYC Nick's going away- I'm having a hard time editing that video because I took an awful lot. I'm including this part, though, cos I think it shows just how much Lindsay HATES that I have a flip now. She thinks I'm going to use it for evil instead of good, which is probably true. (I love you Linds).

Red Tegu

Sep. 15th, 2009 09:38 pm
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This guy was walking down the street with the giant red thing of forked tongue you see below. I would have stood there forever to get a picture of that tongue but of course the guy was in a huge hurry (I have no sympathy for people who are in a hurry since I don't believe in that at all). (Because seriously, where are you hurrying off to downtown with a lizard in a halter anyway?)

Red Tegu


Aug. 22nd, 2009 10:03 am
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Downtown pictures, hot day, midday, bad lighting, whatever. Here is an interesting plant I found downtown. Don't know what kind.

Christmas Baby

Carly painted this on the back door of 516 Arts. Check it out. If you block the back door, a T-Rex will eat you.

Block Door at Peril of T-REX

I am watching a show which must not be named and someone just died. LINDSAY! How could you let me watch a show where someone dies like this???? Here is a motorcycle, which has been brought to you by the number 12.

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Here I read about the death of Sid Vicious.
The feeling that you're feeling is something that we call a feeling.
Truly, I must stop expressing myself through Arrested Development quotations.

In the desert you can fabricate an ocean sunset


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