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Belen mostly exists as an exoskeleton right now, and empty exoskeleton. Here is the proof.

Kill Box

Four Other Evidence of Former Life Forms )
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Just like everyone else in 2010, I am really liking owls. I wish they weren't so trendy, but then again, should I stop liking them just cos they're popular?
You know what else I get down with that's cliche and crazy popular?
Vivaldi's Seasons
taking photos
hitting people in the face with pictures of my dog while insisting I love him more than other people love their dogs

So, for our collective future amusement regarding the nationwide owl craze that started in like 2007 and was doomed, here's what's on the alley wall of 516 Arts right now: (oh and some corn dude in a window):

All Seeing

Corn Man's Brother
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The Sky Finally Explodes

The day after my grandmother died, I had this roll of film developed. Isn't it odd how one important event goes next to another unimportant event and completely colors it. The film was absolutely expired. I translated most of the images to black and white in order to preserve something of them. I shot all these before I knew she died and yet each one describes my grief, somehow.

The other ones )

I'm disappointed that so few of the film pictures turned out. I've been taking very few digital pictures, but here they are. The double exposure feature on my camera kind of sucks. It will only take one multiple exposure picture before the setting resets and I have to go back through the menu and change it back. And I have to take the exposures one right after another, no lag time, or it resets. But I did get a few I liked.

Fly Away Wall

My digital tribute to apartment living )
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Continuing on into the land of people going to huge concerts, there's this guy.

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Here's the display at the Urban Outfitters registers. I even asked before I took this picture! It's funny- Anthropologie belongs to the same family of stores as Urban Outfitters, and yet when I try to take pictures at Anthro, I get kicked out. (But I'm a bad girl so I just take photos anyway)

UO Lights

The Mini

Odd Night

Jul. 13th, 2010 11:51 am
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This dog was sitting nicely outside Urban Outfitters with two kids. His name is Doctor Watson. I've been experimenting lately with long exposures + flash, which is what this is. Look at that pink and black nose! Tell me it's not adorable. I guess he's only 7 mos old which bowled me over cos he is SO well behaved!

Doctor Watson

I've seen the literature which proposes that people parent girls differently from boys. I wonder if people treat their dogs differently based on sex? Makes my brain hurt thinking about it.

Speaking of sex (and gender), later after meeting Doctor Watson, I met a cross dresser in the bathroom. She's all, "You don't mind that I'm in here, do you?"
I said, "Hell no. Let me take your picture."
And then I did.

And that's the Diana Mini around my neck. Isn't it little and adorable??

I met a crossdresser in the bathroom

What a good night.
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I peeled at something at the back of my head. My scalp had been sunburned and was cracking off my head. Dandruff; disgusting. But wait. Dandruff is usually rather small? So something had lodged itself into my cranium, this was the thing I was peeling away. When the thing came away my head bled. The thing was maybe the size of a flattened cola can. And it had been stuck on my head this whole time and I hadn't even noticed?? Bad form. Next order of business- discover what the thing was. It had a bunch of short straws sticking out of it. Aha. It was an organic Lego. Whatever it was meant to stick to, I doubted it was the back of my head.

Rainbow Wall

Secret Owl

Perhaps I should look at becoming a woman with an owl on her head. My eyes are big enough, heaven knows.

Secret Owl cu

Also in my dream, I was begging the world for four more days to finish my show, four more four more. Marta had disappeared into the ether and she was in my group. "The loss of Marta has crippled our group and we can't possibly finish on time," I insisted to the President. We went to Marta's apartment because we were beginning to be worried and also we really did need her to finish my show stuff. Inside, her refrigerator had been moved, her electricity was off, and the place was flooded because all her faucets were turning on and off by themselves in 3 second intervals.


The darkness, the redness. There's a waiter in there somewhere.


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I'm 26 years old and I have no idea how to make my pictures justify center instead of left. My entire head would feel much better if I had this information.

Here is Denise, a friend of a friend. She works at the P.O., and I think it's cool that at least one government agency doesn't care if you have facial piercings.

Denise's Candy Skull

In pretendland, where I'm gonna get full tattoo sleeves (that will never really happen), I would not use any black I don't think. I think this color of ink is grossly underused.

Henna Tattoos
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This is my favorite picture from this parade.

CLICKY CLICKY for lots more pride pictures and my personal award-worthy account of the ins&outs of 2010 Pride )
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Here's Rob Nakai, BFF to the stars.

Love you, Rob.

Van's Poetry
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There's a new server at Blackbird, and here she is:

Marble IPA

Watermelon Sugar

Lindsay and I went to the bird to drink beer and eat poetry. It was fine. I was not her favorite person that night. Rob also made an appearance but I haven't done those pictures yet.

Lindsay's Favorite Person

Now I'm on my way to Santa Fe because Elaine is taking me to a sugar cookie party up there. See you around, Albuquerque.
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Today's theme is magenta.

Heart And Soul Tattoo


Another day, another sunburn. Two days later it's almost gone so I'm feelin good. I put sunscreen but five hours in the June NM sun does you in no matter who you are.

In other news, Abq. residents, did you ever ask yourself, where are all the people who look good in a swimsuit? I now have the answer. They are all at Sandia on Sundays, paying $30 to get in and having ridiculously defined abdominal muscles. I did not pay $30 to get in. I paid zero and didn't even have a swimsuit. But heat won and I went swimming in my underwear because otherwise I would have melted.

I may have an admirer and my admirer may have given me some a bouquet of five different sorts of flowers. They may have smelled amazing.
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Let me tell you 'bout my friend Ben.

He bartends at a bit of a dive, is an Albuquerque superstar for reasons I won't go into here, and is an irreverent mothercusser. Due to the fact that the paparazzi love him, he hates hates hates having his picture taken. But I don't respect this and take his photo anyway, obviously. He drinks, smokes, and sleeps around. There is a signed poster of Belladonna on his bedroom wall. If you are like me and have never seen an adult film in your life, I'll fill you in- she's a porn star. He plays D&D on Wednesdays and loves Conan the Barbarian. He's my favorite Kennedy and recently lent me three back issues of the magazine "Modern Drunkard".

Hates Photographers

I went with him to buy dog food for his dog and we ran into this guy, who he's chilled with apparently. Remember this guy? I saw him maybe a year ago and asked to take his picture. And so of course, bird on his shoulder, I had to take his picture again. His name's Bruce.

Bruce Apparently

I am straight up loving my life right now. I have a pen pal who lives less than 20 miles away, a dog I spend all day with, people who wanna tell me I'm beautiful all the time, and paintings to paint. It is hard to get out of bed in the morning still but once I do, everything gets slick.

Also, my parents have now spent 30 years married to one another. Here are some flowers Dad got for Mom to commemorate that whole event.

30 years
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Not that I would ever date anyone, but if I did, I would just break up with them over text anyway. People are so sticky. Recently, while trying to think of a backwards way to extricate myself from one sort of relationship or another, I realized it could not be done, at least not easily/painlessly for all parties. People are too sticky for it to be possible.

Anyway, here's Jamie and I. She is all in love, which is why I spend a lot of time babysitting her kids. She wants to go see him every second possible. Thus my second realization of the day; people in love will do all sorts of stupid things, ask others to do all sorts of stupid things, and put others through all sorts of stupid things. Perhaps that is sometimes not the case, I hope.

j and j

I feel like this is the best picture I've taken for a while. Probably I could have spent a little more time editing it. Or, any time editing it. Guess what else? My sunburn is gone; best news everrrrr.


I love you people. You're all good people. Yes, you.

Who Knows.

May. 10th, 2010 11:53 am
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Too bad for you, world, that you are prone to my huge images.

Royal Cathedral

Cynthia fell in love with a man made of ice who climbed in her window one dusk. She lived in a snow cabin so one might suppose she was seeing ice people all the time, but she wasn't. The bad thing about loving ice people, however, is that sometimes they turn you to ice. Cynthia found the process of turning to ice rather painful and frostbitten, but on the whole she preferred to turn to ice than not to. Her blue fingertips stung, and she smiled, and after three nights with him, she was an ice woman.

The man she loved went away, or perhaps he splintered into a million pieces on her floor. It's hard to tell or even care when you're frozen, yourself. He had probably been gone a very long time, maybe a thousand years, when her heart beat once, and twice, and again. It beat until she was limber again. She almost felt a feeling, or she felt a part of one. The slate roof of her snow cabin had long since collapsed, so she seeped out from under it.

There was no snow, only a meadow. Blades of grass picked her up and dripped her down to the bottom of a dale where green foxtails grew. She fell into the earth, molecule by molecule, and sated the foxtail roots. They drew her up and up until she saw the world from the inside of thousands of frondy leaves. The sun made vitrine windows of them, and they were lime in the morning, emerald midday, olivine at night.
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Next to my studio, which I will soon be leaving, is a gallery called 516 Arts. In the alley, their back wall looks like this. I don't know what it's all about. Carly said something about that they want the stuff in the alley to match the going exhibit. Wonderful.

Graph To Illustrate Edificial Peacockery

Acid Peacock

Wallah Back
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This entry focuses on the portraits, the next one will be .... non-portraits. I've been listening to a lot of music sent to me by a friend of mine, Meghann. In a song called "La Familia", Mirah asks, "If we sleep together would you be my friend forever? If we sleep together will it make it any better?"

Musical side note, I always guiltily loved that song "Brick" but now I suffocate in it.

Here's Cara, a waitress I met while my dad and his cousin were having a pie-eating contest. I love her expression, it's so wide-open.

Cara's Colored Side

Other peeps )
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I've had several shoots over the past few weeks. I received a 35mm lens as a birthday gift, which was very generous. Thank you, parents.

Too bad my shoots have been completely uninspired. I did some shots of this little girl for her first communion. I hardly remember my first communion anymore, but I did have one. Little girls dressed as brides, ah yes. Those are the days. This little girl lives two houses down from me.

First Communion

Then, at my cousin's baby's baptism, I could barely even break out my camera. Fellow photographers, did you ever get the feeling that you were invited to an event solely because they wanted you to take pictures? I mean, normally of course that's all I do. My camera is like an extension of my right hand. But lately my camera does not go with me everywhere. My camera has a hard time going with me anywhere. I don't even know where my battery charger is so when I run out of battery (I've got one bar left) it's over.

Peace Be With My Cake

I love that little boy. I love him so much. And when he grows up enough to know who I am, I will be just another superfluous distant relative to him. Ah well. Sometimes I just look around at everyone and wonder at how beautiful they are. I am not beautiful. I have ten thousand different planes on my face and they all fight with one another. My mouth and nose are crooked. My face is broken out all the time. My eyes are so big I look cross eyed. I have the widest, sloppiest shoulders ever seen on a woman. I have no waist and the widest hips possible on a woman who weighs 155 lbs. I have a farmer's tan. None of that matters. Other people are beautiful and they don't even know. Sometimes when a person is depressed, she is irritable. I have always been that kind of depressed before. Sometimes instead of being irritable, she is the opposite and wants the world to use her up.


But my tree is planted. I sing to it and read it poetry. And so far, I think it's going to live. This is lovely news. Today is dad's birthday. We are going to have him a cake. We got him shoes and a belt. My idea. Someone else's money. Forces collide and collude.
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I dyed yarn at Jamie's house. The sunshine and I, alone together.



I wish I would live in a tree house. The sun would come through the leaves and the light would always be green and yellow and white. I would have a special series of retractable ramps so the dogs could climb up. There would be no property taxes because I would not live in a country. It would be no man's land, and I'd be the woman forgotten by everything.

The other day, I said to my parents,
"I used to have spring-semester classes in Mitchell Hall, on the second floor. There'd be nothing but bare branches out the window. Then one day after spring break we'd walk into the class and there'd be no ground, no sky, just green light dripping in through curtains of newly sprung cottonwood leaves. And that was the best thing that happened to me in college."

And my mom said, "That's not true. You got a wonderful education."

I got something of an education but those second floor classes at Mitchell were still the best part.
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Why work or laugh or cry when I can color ponies all day. In my dreams I had a purple speckled puppy who died. When she died she turned into something else, I don't say what. I miss that puppy.


Life goes on, I guess. Or, you know. Whatever.

I'm trying. Or I'm trying to try. Or I think I'm trying to try.


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