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I don't want to be a bar fly, but lo and behold, all my pictures are from bars. This must end. I have too much heart to carry on this way.


In direct opposition to these photos, I do have a life, a brain, and a heart. Right now I'm researching ways to go to Haiti. So far I've found a couple church groups going, but I don't belong to a church so that might be a stretch.

The other photos that make me know I must go out and do something. )
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Some day, I'm going to convince my dad that he will never actually rebuild this car and that it must be moved. Three cars in any back yard is both trashy and funny to me. I wish it were more like this today, blue and clear. Instead it's on the verge of snow just grey and nothing. And cold, too cold. I must go for a run but damnation, when it looks so grey, my body doesn't want it and my head doesn't either.

The 50 Ford that Won't Die

In other news, I went to Blackbird's holiday party. Carly rockstarred some candy canes out of thin air, a process that involves a lightbulb like this one.

Unrelated: this guy made a pinhole camera... out of his mouth. I wanna try it. I think that's rad.

How To Force An Idea

Wanna know how to make candy canes? Plus, ramble on social anxiety. )

Annie's prints came in the mail yesterday. Damn but that metallic paper looks so good on high key black and whites. There are plenty of situations where metallic doesn't cut it- this photo shoot wasn't one of them, however.

And speaking of pictures taken against my brick wall, here's one of Nik.

Who Isn't There

It's funny how the raw file isn't nearly so gloomy; I injected all that based on my own mental reflections. And they say photography is objective.

Nik's visiting from Seattle. Some people (read: Jaclyn) may remember him for dating Kendra for two weeks. He went on to get married and now he's going on to get divorced. I've been thinking about him the past few days, wondering about this divorce situation, wondering why people get married and how it only takes one person to fuck it up beyond all repair.

Anyway. We chilled yesterday, it was nice to talk again. He went with me to the camera store while I tried to determine what is wrong with my D80. We drank hot mochas and talked about the olden days when we both worked at Relay and were always getting into hijinks of one sort or another. It was good to get another friend back, and if I can find a cheap ticket I think I might go visit in Seattle- if only to see that NEATO public library they have.
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Yesterday I call Rob Nakai and I'm sniffly from the cold, just having taken Boo for a walk. Rob says, "Oh yeah I was taking these two dogs for a walk earlier, it was all cold."
And I'm all, "Two dogs??"
And he says, "Yeah, my mom took in a stray. I think it's half coyote or something which explains why it's so effin stupid."

HAHAHA. This is hilarious to me for some reason.

Last night, met with Meghann. She's a solidly good person, and is leaving for vacation today.


Also, thank you facebook, I found Gabriel. He is alive. Doing some interesting photography as near as I can tell:


And on Sunday, while Boo and I were outside R.B. Winnings (coffee house mecca to local hippies), I shot this meaningless shot.

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Out at night, swimming in the air. Liza smokes a cigarette and other stuff happens and I no longer have to ask her permission to take her picture, I have an all-the-time pass to do so.
These are darker than I usually do, but whatever. You felt like knowing what it's like, right? This is what it's like to have three gin and club sodas, to sit with people you know and do things you always do and be happy about it.

No Trying, Flattering, or Focusing Can Be Permitted

How )


Sep. 27th, 2009 09:05 pm
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Land locked and blacking out the aqua, night hawks flock to bar drinks, candidly flicker through the bottoms of glass liquor jars.

Here is Fred who has two puppies I hope to meet someday, Panzon and Sister.

I Win at the Stranger Game

No One Could Say


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