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I developed an old roll of film. Earlier the film lounged in my car, day and night, for weeks. It wasn't worth developing because it was wrecked, I thought.

Here's the roll of film while I use this space as my personal therapist.

4th Graf Wall @ Sunset

The rest of the roll )
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People who shoot weddings will know what I mean when I say that there are always the quiet pictures that you like but you know are basically meritless to the clients. These are them, for me. I realize probably everyone will be like, "ew wedding forget it don't click"... but you should.


Tattoos, cake porn, and other stuff. Weddingy type stuff. But you know. Oh I don't know. )
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It's raining here today. Raining in a manner of speaking.

Here's a picture from when my dad was getting Catholic.

Bring It On

Otherwise things have been fine. I've been having a week long pity party for myself but enough of that is certainly enough.

Yesterday I was recording a song and I was congratulating myself about not making crackly noises as I was turning the page of music but then I listened to the recording and right in the middle, I hear Boo's tags clinking and his ears hitting against his head as he shakes himself out like he's all wet. Hahaha. I love that young man.

Some photos and random ramblings )


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