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Just like everyone else in 2010, I am really liking owls. I wish they weren't so trendy, but then again, should I stop liking them just cos they're popular?
You know what else I get down with that's cliche and crazy popular?
Vivaldi's Seasons
taking photos
hitting people in the face with pictures of my dog while insisting I love him more than other people love their dogs

So, for our collective future amusement regarding the nationwide owl craze that started in like 2007 and was doomed, here's what's on the alley wall of 516 Arts right now: (oh and some corn dude in a window):

All Seeing

Corn Man's Brother
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I'm 26 years old and I have no idea how to make my pictures justify center instead of left. My entire head would feel much better if I had this information.

Here is Denise, a friend of a friend. She works at the P.O., and I think it's cool that at least one government agency doesn't care if you have facial piercings.

Denise's Candy Skull

In pretendland, where I'm gonna get full tattoo sleeves (that will never really happen), I would not use any black I don't think. I think this color of ink is grossly underused.

Henna Tattoos
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Next to my studio, which I will soon be leaving, is a gallery called 516 Arts. In the alley, their back wall looks like this. I don't know what it's all about. Carly said something about that they want the stuff in the alley to match the going exhibit. Wonderful.

Graph To Illustrate Edificial Peacockery

Acid Peacock

Wallah Back


Aug. 22nd, 2009 10:03 am
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Downtown pictures, hot day, midday, bad lighting, whatever. Here is an interesting plant I found downtown. Don't know what kind.

Christmas Baby

Carly painted this on the back door of 516 Arts. Check it out. If you block the back door, a T-Rex will eat you.

Block Door at Peril of T-REX

I am watching a show which must not be named and someone just died. LINDSAY! How could you let me watch a show where someone dies like this???? Here is a motorcycle, which has been brought to you by the number 12.

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Mutton Dressed As Lamb by Timothy Horn

Detail: Mutton Dressed as Lamb by Timothy Horn

Mutton Dressed as Lamb by Timothy Horn


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