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Mammals. Polar bears included.


He might be sleeping

It would be so cool to be able to do more (or any) underwater photography. That's a whole other thing and I'm interested in whole other things, let me tell you.
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I took some medium format shots at the parade. I wish it weren't such a hassle to switch out the film in full daylight in the middle of a crowded space. Cos I would do it all the time if I could. The definition is ridiiiiiiculous.

We Would Have Died Sooner

Kitty's Revelation

Fifty Percent
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Ok. So Bisti Badlands. I learned three important things:
1. Pack a snack.
2. Find a bathroom somewhere by Grants.
3. Pack a snack. Seriously.
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I whittled down 400 something digital photos to five. Here are the five digital photos I took that I think best represent my experience at the Marigold Parade this year. I submit them for your consideration.

Imminent Death

The day we all paraded dead )
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Still working on my film-to-digital conversion, but I'm getting further along for sure. This summer I went to Taos. I saw these things:

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This drink is disgusting and it is giving me a stomachache but I keep drinking it anyway.


Anyway, due to new technology, I am finally able to see the medium format pictures I've been taking for the last 3 years. Woo. Here's some of them.


Other 120's from 2008 Olden Times )
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I've learned that I'm not that great at corporate events. But. I'm trying. Anyway, here are the best ones from the thing I did the other day at the place.
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Hey party people, wanna see a hilarious coincidence?

Look at this guy, who was at a thing I shot on Thursday:


Same guy as this guy right here:

gun show

Here's an excerpt from the May 5th, 2010 entry of this photoblog:

"Gun-show here decided to try and initiate the most awkward conversation ever {after eavesdropping in on a conversation between Rob and I} and he starts in all,
HIM: 'I also just wanted to say I'm sorry about what happened to you.'
ME: '...' (that's me with horror smeared all over my face)
HIM: 'I mean, I overheard you talking.' WONDERFUL.
ME: 'Oh. Everything's okay. It's fine.'
HIM: 'That guy sounds like an asshole.'
ME: 'Ah, well. It's all good.'
HIM: 'I mean, I didn't overhear a lot of it or anything.'
ME: 'Okay. Thanks.'
HIM: 'Yeah I probably shouldn't have even brought it up.' At which point he ran inside, not to reappear for the remainder of my time there. Thank you, Jesus."

He recognized me on Thursday. I wonder how much of all that he remembered, if any.
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Moments earlier, he was crying. Then his dad started tickling him.

Catching secret footballs

Also, his sister. )
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These are from like six months ago.

Gizmo Girl

Yard Sale Nieto


Sep. 29th, 2011 09:28 pm
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The best thing that ever happened to anyone's spine post-mortem, bovine or no, is that it settled into a blue cabinet outside.

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People in good love become married.

The 45 Minute Groom

It's A Wonderful Life
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This image is made from 18 pictures stitched together.

Harpy Knows I'm Alive

It's from a recent night shoot with my g Eric. I have about 37 images that I would upload if my flickr weren't being such a snitch. It's my internet actually. Whatevah.
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First of all, here is the bridge in downtown Albuquerque that I swear is supposed to be reminiscent of a DWI checkpoint. Just look at the whole thing, it's only 38 seconds. I took it with my phone.

Recently spoke to someone who was like, "Oh do you still live in the 505? I thought you moved away... like to the desert."

Well, I didn't.

But I'm thinking about it.

I've had enough of the world, now I've seen Jaci since Japan and realized that I'm exactly the same lame person I used to be.
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The day I realized that Boo doesn't need me... was today. I officially don't have a reason to keep going.

Baby Boy

Did you care about anything? I cared about everything, down to the hyphens and crickets and broken ceramics. It started hurting too much.

We saw interesting doors
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I went to the Bomb the Canvas thing this past weekend, which has a long and interesting legacy of Pop'n'Taco murals, among other things. Here are the two pictures I took while there. I spent the rest of the time watching the dancers. Maybe I'll upload that video if I ever edit it.

The One, The First Draft



Sep. 5th, 2011 10:39 pm
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So this guy's the closest thing I ever had to a little grade-school boyfriend. We were both really into drawing. He had the blondest hair that anyone has ever had, ever. He was practically transparent, he was so light. One time we had to make animals that had our names on them in the fourth grade. He made a snake, a green one. I made a tiger. His handwriting was very pointy and he drew me a rose in my yearbook when we were in the fifth grade. I'm sure no one would ever believe I could remember a thing like that, but I do. I remember everything about everyone.

Like that Kaylee lent me her red t-shirt as a gesture of friendship, and I wore it even though it wasn't really my style.

Facebook makes the social landscape so different from how it used to be.


We Love Dental Nonsense
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I spent a long long time doing my cousin's hair. It's somewhat purple, which apparently doesn't show up in a black and white picture. I know. I'm as shocked as you. But anyway, here he is on Boo's car.

Head becomes vine

And then I thought I was all into this black and white conversion, but now I see that no, no I'm not. Yeech.


I think we counted and there were like 178 little braids. There might have been more. But it was ridiculous and it took 14+ hours, and we both agreed that if we ever do that nonsense again, we better have something there to help me do those little braids.

It was fun, though. I love my cousin. He's a good guy and I miss him now that he's gone back to college.


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